Our meetings alternate each month. The third Tuesday of one month at 6:00pm and the third Saturday of the next at 8:00am for breakfast in the Family Life Center.

The ministry of the Brotherhood is to spread the gospel by helping others through mission work to the needy, whether local or anywhere the need arises, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our task can be accomplished by striving to reach four goals:

Engage in Mission Activities: Mission activities include mission action, personal witnessing and special mission projects.

Teach Missions: In teaching missions, the major emphasis should be on local church support in prayer and giving. Our mission emphasis is carried out through our support of the Cooperative Program which ministers around the world and here at home.

Develop Personal Ministry: Personal ministry means to discover and to become a servant to others. This task rests on the truth that each Christian has a call to ministry.

Undergird the Work of the Church: Christian men should participate actively in the life and ministry of their local church. We have a responsibility to develop and grow in our faith to become strong spiritual leaders.