Women's Fellowship

President: Pat Honeycutt

Vice President: Kathy Wilson

Our Women's Fellowship meets the second Tuesday of every month at 6:00 in the Family Life Center.

Our ministry is "missions in action." A church missions responsibility begins in its community and extends throughout the world. Our Baptist Women are committed to helping Skyland First Baptist Church achieve its full potential. Our work is done through achieving four tasks:

Teach Missions: The church must follow the example that Jesus set by making missions central to our work. Christian women are motivated to invest their life and resources in ministry.

Engage in Mission Action: Mission action is ministering to the special needs of individuals who are not yet members of His church. It is the expression of our church's belief that all persons need God and must come to Him through Jesus Christ.

Support Missions: Praying, giving and emphasizing the need for persons to become involved in mission service and personal ministry. We support the work of missions through the Buncombe Baptist Association, the North Carolina Baptist State Convention and the Southern Baptist Convention. Three primary areas of support are:

Personal Witnessing: Personal witnessing is a Christian sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with another person and encouraging that person to confess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.