CARE Ministry


Director: Lynn Brooks

Meets: 1st. Wed of each month, @ 5:45 PM in Fellowship Hall

This Week's C.A.R.E. Ministry Report:

Host-Reach: Each month a Sunday School class provides a light meal.

Heart-Reach: The Card Room: Write cards for birthdays, words of encouragement to shut-ins, ministers and retired ministers, missionaries, and those in the military. We do have a template to use if needed.

Up-Reach: The Prayer Room: A group of people usually go here to pray over many different objects. These objects are kept confidential.

In-Reach: The Telephone Room: Usually two people will do the calling to wish members in our church "Happy Birthday" or just to tell others that we have missed seeing them in church. While they are on the phone most people have special objects that they want shared in our Prayer Room

Out-Reach: Several people will go in pairs visiting those who are sick, shut-in, at nursing homes, also people who have recently visited the church and would like someone to visit them.

Missionary Encouragers: We write cards to many of our members who are unable to attend church and they look forward to receiving these assuring them they haven't been forgotten.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!
Lynn Brooks
C.A.R.E. Ministry Director